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Frequently Asked Questions

Problem: I am experiencing problems viewing one of your live webcasts.

Solution: Our streaming frequently asked questions page should be able to help you solve the problem.

Problem: When watching NET Television, the audio does not match the picture.

Solution:  The TV or VCR audio menu is set to SAP, resulting in the mismatch of the audio to the visual. SAP is reset using the remote control that came with the TV or VCR. This service can only be received by a stereo TV or VCR, and only comes over the PBS channel.

  1. Look for a button that is labeled SAP, MTS or Audio A/B. If the remote has this button, push it. Pushing this button may return the correct audio.

  2. If there isn't a SAP button on the remote, the change needs to be made from the audio programming menu.
    1. Push the menu button and go to the audio portion of the programming. In the menu there will be options such as base, balance, etc.
    2. One of the last options is the audio source. The audio sources will be mono, stereo, and SAP.
    3. Choose stereo by using the +/- buttons, the up/down buttons, or the select button on the remote.
    4. Once the menu is closed, the audio should match the picture.

  3. Some remote controls have a button that is labeled Audio or Audio Mode. Pressing that button should bring up the available audio selections. Once again, the audio source should be changed to stereo. This should solve the audio problem.

  4. The method to reset the audio is specific to the brand of TV or VCR. Some of the units have a very unique way to change the audio source. It's sometimes necessary to refer to the manual that came with the unit to find out the procedure for returning the audio to the stereo source.